Welcome to Barr W Stables
Concord, North Carolina


Because Barr W Stables is located at the residence of the Walkers, Barr W's boarders are welcome to visit the barn and ride during the following hours:

        Fall/Winter - 7am to 9pm
        Spring/Summer - 7am to 10pm

Current Pricing (effective as of 07/23/14):

 - payment due on the fifteenth of each month:  Personal stall provided, cleaned daily and re-bedded when needed (note: if horses are required to be kept in every night during winter even when temps are far above 32 degrees, there will be an additional $25.00 per month charge to cover the cost of additional bedding), fed twice daily (owner provided supplements will be given according to owner's written instructions), fresh water daily (refilled as necessary), hay fed when in stall, individual day/night turnout per owner's instructions.  Horses held for vet/farrier visits at no extra charge.  Hay will be provided in pasture when needed.  Automatic waterer and/or water trough are provided in all pastures.  Barr W Stables will provide up to 2 quarts twice a day of your choice of any PURINA MILLS feed (such as Equine Senior, Strategy Healthy Edge, Strategy, etc.) (if more than 2 quarts twice a day is required, additional feed must be provided by owner).  Nutrena feeds are not available at this time - boarder may supply Nutrena feeds if they so desire.

PASTURE BOARD - $320/mounthLIMITED SPACE - payment due on the fifteenth of each month:  Horse will be on full turnout with twice a day feeding using owner-provided feed/grain per owner's feeding instructions.  Hay will be provided in pasture when needed.  Automatic waterer and/or water trough are provided in all pastures.  Pasture horses are checked on daily by management.  Other additional services are available.  Horses can be held for vet/farrier visits with payment of a $10 charge payable in advance  (funds to cover services rendered must be left in advance of appointment with barn manager).

ADDITIONAL SERVICES Additional services such as grooming, wound care, exercising/ground work, blanketing, fly spraying, additional feeding(s), holding for vet/farrier, rotational deworming, etc. are also available at reasonable rates which are posted at the barn.  See Ken Van Allen, Barn Manager, for any questions.

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NOTICE: Barr W Stables utilizes rotational deworming using Equimax, Anthelcide EQ, and Strongid (or their equivalent).  It is extremely important that every horse be timely dewormed according to the rotation.  Owners are required to purchase their own dewormer paste (according to the rotation schedule) and administer the dose to their horse(s) by no later than the end of the month in which rotation is scheduled.  We can provide deworming of your horse using your dewormer for $10.00 per rotation if your horse is calm and fairly cooperative.  However, if your horse has issues with being restrained while wormer is given, you will either have to administer yourself or have your vet administer the required dose.

All horses MUST be kept current on vaccinations/boosters to ensure the health of the herd.  Vet visits are scheduled in the spring and fall - farm call is split between horses.  If owner misses the group visits, it will be their responsibility to have their vet out to do the required vaccinations/boosters, and the owner will be responsibile for the full cost of the farm call charge.  Please note that vets do not bill for services rendered and that owner must be present to pay, or leave payment for services rendered at that time.

Barr W Stables relies on Dr. Amy Jordan of Bear Creek Mobile Veterinary Service, Dr. Robin Smith of Yellowhorse Mobile Veterinary Service, and Drs. Jonathan Featherstone, Bert Parker and Kristi Pierce-Shupe of Rocky River Large Animal Veterinary Clinic at Southridge Veterinary Hospital to keep the horses protected from disease and to provide quick emergency assistance when necessary.

Farrier visits are scheduled every six weeks exclusively through Equine Performance Hoof Care Farrier Tim Worden.  Please note that Tim does not bill for services rendered and that owner must be present or leave payment for services to be rendered, including any charge for retrieving/holding the horse
Barr W Stables suggests that horses receive attention to their feet on the six week visit schedule.

LESSONS: Ken Van Allen provides lessons in Western pleasure discipline and training for your horse using natural horsemanship methods. Barr W does not guarantee that a trainer has been certified or has had a specified amount of hands-on experience.  Arrangements with any outside trainer is strictly between a boarder and that trainer. Barr W Stables bears no responsibility or liability for said trainer's actions.  Barr W management must be informed in advance of any scheduled appointment with an outside trainer and boarder must be present during the time the trainer is a guest at Barr W.

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